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Lighting Installed in Georgia Home


Lighting plays a key role in creating a comfortable and functional living environment for you and your family. But lighting can also convey your personality and sense of style. Once you find the perfect lights for your home, you need make sure that they are properly installed and maintained.

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Professional lighting installation you can trust

When you need new lighting installed, prompt service is essential. A lack of indoor lighting can lead to an increased risk for injuries and health problems such as headaches, eye strain, and even depression. Grace Mountain Electric's team of electricians has the tools and resources to install your lighting quickly and professionally so you can live and work safely in your home. We are even available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in case you require installation outside of normal business hours.

Safe de-installation and disposal of your existing lights

Nearly all of our installation projects fall into one of two categories: new construction installation or replacement of an existing lighting. If you are upgrading your current lighting, you may wonder how you should handle removal and disposal of your old lights. As in the case of installation and repairs, removing aged lighting is a process that is best handled by an experienced electrician.

Grace Mountain Electric's technicians know that it is important to use the same degree of care and caution de-installing old lights that they use when installing your new lighting. And because our team is committed to protecting Georgia's environment, we follow the disposal regulations outlined by the EPA to ensure that hazardous components do not harm people, pets, or our environment. We will also explore EPA-approved recycling options if your old lights meet the necessary criteria.

Prompt lighting repairs when you need them the most

When your lighting fails, it may be tempting to attempt to resolve the problem on your own. However, the best thing to do is seek the services of a licensed electrician that specializes in lighting repairs. With the help of a skilled electrician, you can avoid exposure to burns and other dangerous injuries that can occur when lighting is not properly repaired or installed. Here are some common light-related problems that Grace Mountain Electric will resolve through diagnosis and repair:

  • Flickering lights: Power surges are just one of the many culprits that cause your lights to flicker.
  • Poor output: Dim lights can be the result of corroded or loose wires in your circuit breaker. 
  • Humming or buzzing sounds: Strange sounds often signify an underlying electrical problem that our technicians can resolve.
  • Bulbs burning out prematurely: This problem is often caused by a defective fixture or improper bulb installation.

Skilled installation technicians who follow best practices

Grace Mountain Electric's technicians receive comprehensive training on the latest installation techniques as well as relevant federal and state regulatory guidelines. Our technicians are also trained to arrive at your property professionally dressed with the tools and protective equipment needed to install your lighting.

Finally, you can rest assured that lights will be installed in accordance with current state and federal lighting standards, local wiring codes and inspection procedures for new construction lighting, plus we stay informed of the latest cutting edge installation techniques.

Lighting maintenance and ongoing support you can depend on

The path to long-term satisfaction with your lighting does not come to an end after we finish your installation. We are here to deliver outstanding maintenance and support from the moment your lighting installation is complete. We know that lighting hiccups can occur, sometimes at the most inconvenient times.

When you choose Grace Mountain Electric to install your lights, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are just a phone call away if a problem arises. We are available 24/7 to take your call and dispatch one of our trained technicians if you are having an emergency. We strive to complete all repairs in a single service visit to minimize interruptions to your daily activities.

Expertise installing and repairing an extensive array of lighting

At Grace Mountain Electric, our technicians are well accustomed to installing track lighting, recessed lighting, pendant lights, and other common types of lighting. However, we always look forward to installing some of the more unique lights that are growing in popularity in Georgia. Here are some examples of some of the innovative types of lighting we can install:

  • Eco-friendly lights made of natural materials
  • Hygge chandeliers that feature candles and coziness
  • Tech lighting and other low voltage lighting solutions
  • Lighting constructed of chrome and other metallic finishes
  • Gummy Bear Chandeliers and other lighting for children's rooms
  • Traditional chandeliers featuring crystal, brass, or a combination of the two elements
  • Sconces, including traditional ornate styles, sconces with rustic finishes, and flush modern styles

Contact Grace Mountain Electric

When you would like to install new lighting in your home, we invite you to contact us at Grace Mountain Electric. Whether you would like to replace your outdated dining room chandelier or repair your basement track lighting, our skilled electricians are here to help you.

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