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Electrical Team in Grace Mountain, Georgia

Georgia's Most Trusted Electrical Contractor


Grace Mountain Electric is a full-service electrical contractor that has served the Georgia community since 2000. Our licensed and insured electricians are trained to respond to the specific needs of homeowners and business owners in Georgia. We have the resources to handle projects of all sizes from design to finish, and ensure compliance with U.S. electrical regulations and Georgia building codes. If you are a resident or business owner with an electrical system that needs attention, call us at (706) 400-8915 or send us an email to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Quick to Respond to Your Needs

Our licensed and insured team of electricians is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your electrical work is completed quickly. We have the bucket trucks, generators, trenchers, and lifts that are often required to provide safe installation and repair services for homes and businesses.

The Grace Mountain Electric team has the equipment to handle emergency projects and our skilled electrical technicians are trained to see your project through from the evaluation stage to post-project maintenance.

Licensed Electricians in Georgia

Serving Residential Clients Since 2000


The electricians with Grace Mountain Electric understand that commercial and residential facilities differ in terms of their service requirements. In particular, they recognize that the wiring type and electrical load capacity of commercial facilities usually differ from those found in residential homes. For instance, they know that residential homes typically feature single-phase power and narrow wiring while commercial buildings typically have a three-phase design to handle industrial equipment. Here are some of the specific services that we customize for our residential clients:

Commercial Services

  • LED Lighting retrofits: We can help you conserve energy by replacing your outdated incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting with efficient LED lighting.
  • Tenant improvements: Our team provides new circuits for printers and other office equipment. We also install surge protection systems.
  • Parking lot lighting: We work with car dealerships, retail stores, and other businesses to install parking lot lighting that keeps visitors safe.
  • Onsite electrical diagnosis: Our commercial electricians will travel to your facility to evaluate your electrical system and isolate problems.
  • Maintenance and service contracts: Our service contracts can help you save money and keep your electrical system in tip-top shape.
  • Code violations: We help you avoid code violations by making sure your wiring is secured, properly protected, and properly grounded.
  • Fire alarm / low voltage: We can help your facility adhere to fire codes set by The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
  • Emergency exit lighting: Our lighting services will help ensure that your employees and visitors can evacuate safely if necessary.

New Installations

We are proud to be Georgia's most dependable provider of new electrical wiring installation. We handle projects of all sizes, from adding a simple light fixture to the corner of an existing room in your home to installing new wiring for a 100,000 square foot facility. When handling new installations, we always survey your property to ensure that you have a power supply that is capable of supporting your newly installed wiring. If we discover that your power supply is inadequate, we will install the new wiring or receptacles required to support your desired updates.

Five-Star Repair Service

At Grace Mountain Electric, we realize that you cannot afford for your home or business to be without electricity. Whether you are a homeowner who needs your electricity restored to care for your family or a business owner whose livelihood depends on electricity, we are here to provide swift and professional repair service. Our five-star repair service features the following elements: 

  • Prompt Service: We are here to receive your request for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Swift Diagnosis: Our technicians are trained to carefully examine your premises and diagnose the problem(s) with your electrical system
  • Parts Availability: We stock all of the most common spare parts required to repair systems, enabling us to restore your electricity faster
  • Superb Follow-Up: After your electrical repairs are completed, we are here to provide follow-up support if necessary

New Construction

For nearly ten years, developers, engineers, and architects across Georgia have chosen Grace Mountain Electric as their trusted electrical contractor. We are proud to partner with these professionals to ensure that newly constructed homes and businesses are equipped with the proper outlets, switches, fixtures, and lighting. Here are the key ways that we work with developers and engineers to deliver superb electrical service:

  • Install code compliant electrical outlets
  • Determine the most convenient location for switches
  • Strategically place outlets and fixtures
  • Install track, recessed, and other types of lighting
  • Provide customized outdoor outlets and fixtures
  • Install 220 volt outlets as needed


The cornerstone of a flawless electrical system is regular maintenance provided by an experienced electrical contractor. Through routine inspections and evaluations, Grace Mountain Electric can eliminate problems and prevent failures before they have a chance to occur. Most importantly, our maintenance plans can help you reduce your long-term expenses because we are able to address minor issues before they have a chance to evolve into major electrical problems.

Your One-Stop Electrical Shop

As Georgia's most dependable full-service provider of electrical services, our mission is to serve as your single solution for all of your electric-related needs. We invite you to contact us to find out why we are Georgia's most professional provider of electrical services. After we cover your electrical needs, we will happily discuss the ways that we can improve your home or facility with security lighting, floodlighting, and lighting retrofits. We look forward to serving as your trusted provider of all of your electrical needs.