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Tenant Improvements

A new commercial tenant rarely moves into a facility and finds the electrical system optimal for their business. Whether governmental, commercial, or industrial, the tenant will have unique requirements that warrant the expertise of a commercial electrician with the equipment, experience, and reputation of a licensed contractor like Grace Mountain Electric.

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Types of Tenant Improvements

Grace Mountain Electric will work with you to design and budget the electrical portion of any tenant improvement needs you encounter. These type of improvements may involve a custom design and build-out of a space to meet the needs of a new tenant, often with an allowance made available by the landlord to help defray the costs. At Grace Mountain Electric, our experience allows us to meet the needs of all types of tenants.

New Construction

This usually means that a tenant occupies a shell, even if the common areas of the facility are in finished condition; this space could be an entire building, an entire floor, or a portion of a floor. The bare and unfinished space offered to the tenant is the developer's way of leaving a full range of options open for the prospective tenant. It is the tenant's option to build out the space to meet their specifications for the new use.

Finished Property

These types of improvements will be more limited since previous tenants will build most of the available space out. If the incoming tenant can be flexible with their electrical needs, this represents an opportunity for the landlord, as the expenses are typically much lower. Within a limited renovation of this kind, electrical requirements made by the tenant are often the easiest to fulfill.

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We Understand the Challenges

When major electrical improvements are required in a government, commercial, or industrial facility, no two projects are identical. Challenges always arise, so problem-solving remains a fundamental skill that each of our electricians has learned by completing projects for a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, data processing, food distribution, and health care facilities as well as office spaces of all kinds. Our expertise in the commercial field includes all aspects of electrical systems.

Experienced Landlords Know

Experienced landlords and tenants both know that using a qualified, licensed electrician to upgrade a facility with electrical improvements that are both contemporary and up-to-code increases property value, enhances productivity, and improves both safety and security.

Delivering this return on your investment in tenant improvements requires an electrical contractor that understands and honors the rigid timelines and often-inflexible deadlines of commercial contracts. This is when the knowledge and skill of an experienced commercial electrician pays the biggest dividends; as a full-service electrical contractor serving Georgia's homeowners and businesses since 2000, Grace Mountain Electric has licensed and insured electricians that can meet the needs of business owners by providing reliable, affordable improvements for any tenant.


Committed to Client Satisfaction

Whether you need to replace the lighting in your conference room or upgrade an entire office building, you can trust Grace Mountain Electric with your next tenant improvement project. Our team is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

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